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Fhoss Technology provides innovative, smart high visibility safety clothing to increase safety in professional workspaces and leisure activities. Our technology uses enhanced reflective prismatic tape with a battery powered illuminated core and illuminates without the need for ambient light making it more effective than traditional high visibility or high viz garments.

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FHOSS Halo Exclusion Vs Plantforce

The team here at FHOSS are passionate about safety and the welfare of your workforce. People / plant interface is an area where much care should be taken. Lets face it, we are fragile creatures and don’t stand up well against a digger or crane!

If you don’t believe us, here’s what Plantforce had to say.

“FHOSS Halo Exclusion is an innovation that enhances safety for very little additional cost. Those on-site will see the light and not walk across it. It reinforces the thumbs-up view for those working with and around machinery.”


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