Fhoss Wearable Technology

Fhoss Technology provides innovative, smart high visibility safety clothing to increase safety in professional workspaces and leisure activities. Our technology uses enhanced reflective prismatic tape with a battery powered illuminated core and illuminates without the need for ambient light making it more effective than traditional high visibility or high viz garments.

The FHOSS network is growing!

The FHOSS network is continuing its growth with two pieces of good news this week. Nestlé forklift trucks are now equipped with FHOSS Illuminated Livery as shown in the movie below.

The other item is that Peel Ports are now specifying illuminated livery on all new equipment.

Both companies have found that there are many fundamental benefits to having their equipment fitted with FHOSS Light Livery. These benefits are not just simply increased safety to workers but also reduced maintenance costs to the vehicle as operators are aware their vehicles are equipped with FHOSS leading to additional care being taken as well as increased visibility of surroundings due to the light emitted from the panel.

As we are headed into the winter months, this is the ideal time to be thinking about fitting either our FHOSS Illuminated Livery or the Halo Exclusion Zone.

Screenshot 2019-10-09 at 10.54.40.png

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