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Fhoss Technology provides innovative, smart high visibility safety clothing to increase safety in professional workspaces and leisure activities. Our technology uses enhanced reflective prismatic tape with a battery powered illuminated core and illuminates without the need for ambient light making it more effective than traditional high visibility or high viz garments.

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FHOSS Distributor for Canada; Cyberkar

FHOSS are delighted to announce a strategic alliance with Cyberkar Systems, the leading manufacturer of safe and ergonomic solutions for public safety in Canada for North American distribution and installation of Halo safety products and illuminated vehicle wrapping technology for industry fleets. With the goal of helping reduce accidents, It is hoped that FHOSS products can be made part of the city’s VISION ZERO program. To avoid pedestrian and vehicle collisions with work areas at night, the FHOSS HALO EXCLUSION solution allows workers to clearly identify exclusion safety zones. Once the illuminated Halo product is installed around the vehicle, focused beams of light will identify an exclusion safety zone to avoid, making everyone aware not to enter the identified danger zone.

Jonathan Boivin, Business Development at Cyberkar Systems said “FHOSS products will be a valued addition to Cyberkar’s portfolio of technologies, reducing potential accidents and contribute to ensuring the safety of the people who protect us day to day, like policemen.  This also applies to any personnel working in dangerous environments, such road safety or construction machinery. Coupled with our Kommandertm solution, it is a perfect  addition to any  VISION ZERO program.” 

Andrew Kimitri, Director, FHOSS, said “We are delighted to bring on board Cyberkar as out first FHOSS approved dealership in Canada. FHOSS will support Cyberkar in driving our safety solutions through their industries, making their market sector safer”.

About Cyberkar Systems

Kommander™ is a Canadian company built by experienced professionals, dedicated to support emergency services on a daily basis. Our commitment and level of respect comes from our four founding directors who all have a police officer in their family. All Kommander™ founders are seasoned IT solutions professionals specialized in emergency service vehicles technology. They foresaw a real need for integrated solutions. That is why they have placed the needs and priorities of police officers at the core of vehicles layout processes. Cyberkar promotes Kommander™ across Canada, the United States of America, and the world.

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