Fhoss Wearable Technology

Fhoss Technology provides innovative, smart high visibility safety clothing to increase safety in professional workspaces and leisure activities. Our technology uses enhanced reflective prismatic tape with a battery powered illuminated core and illuminates without the need for ambient light making it more effective than traditional high visibility or high viz garments.

Fhoss Blue Exclusion Zone Light

Avoid pedestrian collision, FHOSS Blue Exclusion Zone Light allows workers to clearly identify exclusion zones. There are a huge amount of incidents around plant and vehicles. Backup alarm systems are effective, but what happens when employees are listing to music, have their ear defenders on, are talking on their mobile phones, or staring at the ground?
That’s where the FHOSS Blue Exclusion Zone Light can help! Once the light is installed around the vehicle, focused beams of blue light will identify an exclusion zone, making the worker aware not to enter the danger zone.

For enquiries and orders, please contact us on 0845 519 2725 or email: enquiries@fhoss.com

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